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LF Networking Announces New Member Walmart, Bolsters a New Era of Enterprise Open Source Networking

Participation by the fortune 1 enterprise brings technical leadership and unprecedented scale to LFN projects across Network Management & Automation Koby Avital, EVP of Technology Platforms, Walmart Global Tech, joins the Governing Board as LFN Platinum member Community Growth signals ecosystem commitment to leverage open source for collaborative network transformation across Cloud, Enterprise and Service […]

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Liquid Prep intelligent watering solution now hosted by the Linux Foundation as a Call for Code project

Over the past several decades farmers have been depending increasingly on groundwater to irrigate their crops due to climate change and reduced rainfall. Farmers, even in drought-prone areas, continue to need to grow water-intensive crops because these crops have a steady demand. In 2019, as part of Call for Code, a team of IBMers came […]


Linux Foundation Support for Asian Communities

The Linux Foundation and its communities are deeply concerned about the rise in attacks against Asian Americans and condemn this violence. It is devastating to hear over and over again of the attacks and vitriol against Asian communities, which have increased substantially during the pandemic.  We stand in support with all those that have experienced […]

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Generating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with Open Source Standards and Tooling

Every month there seems to be a new software vulnerability showing up on social media, which causes open source program offices and security teams to start querying their inventories to see how FOSS components they use may impact their organizations.  Frequently this information is not available in a consistent format within an organization for automatic […]

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How open source communities are driving 5G’s future, even within a large government like the US

In mid-February, the Linux Foundation announced it had signed a collaboration agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), enabling US Government suppliers to collaborate on a common open source platform that will enable the adoption of 5G wireless and edge technologies by the government. Governments face similar issues to enterprise end-users — if […]

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New open source project helps musicians jam together even when they’re not together

Today, the Linux Foundation announced that it would be adding Rend-o-matic to the list of Call for Code open source projects that it hosts. The Rend-o-matic technology was originally developed as part of the Choirless project during a Call for Code challenge as a way to enable musicians to jam together regardless of where they […]

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LF Edge’s State of the Edge 2021 Report Predicts Global Edge Computing Infrastructure Market to be Worth Up to $800 Billion by 2028

COVID-19 highlighted that expertise in legacy data centers could be obsolete in the next few years as the pandemic forced the development of new tools enabled by edge computing for remote monitoring, provisioning, repair and management. Open source hardware and software projects are driving innovation at the edge by accelerating the adoption and deployment of […]


The Linux Foundation and IBM Announce New Open Source Projects to Promote Racial Justice

The Linux Foundation will host seven Call for Code for Racial Justice projects created by IBM and Red Hat employees San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 19, 2021 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced it will host seven projects from Call for Code for Racial Justice, an initiative […]