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5 Feature Flag Use Cases You May Not Have Thought Of

Date: Dec 16, 20211:00 PM PST (UTC-8) DevOps Register

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Most developers and product managers have pretty clear ideas about how they can use feature flags to make their lives easier and to create customer value. But have you ever found yourself wondering how else you could be using feature flags? At Harness, we’re building our feature flags solution to be flexible in its support for any use cases, including ones you may not have considered yet.

Join us as we look at how you can use feature flags for:

  • APIs and Backend
  • Performance Refactoring
  • & 3 Other Use Cases

Bhargav Brahmbhatt, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Harness
Bhargav is a Technical Product Marketer at Harness. With a background as a software engineer, he’s invested in bringing the next generation of cool engineering tools (and toys) to the people.

Ethan Jones, Director of Product Management, Harness
Ethan Jones leads product for Feature Flags at Harness. Previously, he worked at CloudBees, CodeShip, and several early-stage startups in product, marketing, and engineering roles.


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