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Adopting GitOps from Scratch in Enterprises

Date: Nov 2, 202110:00AM PDT (UTC-7) DevOps

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The GitOps space continues to gain momentum and evolve as more organizations and vendors participate in the paradigm. In the DevOps spectrum, GitOps slants towards the software engineering side of the development and operations continuum. We can declaratively define and control the state of the system in Git.

Compliance is imperative to large organizations, they look for ways to balance giving autonomy to developers to define and manage their GitOps processes, while also enforcing guardrails to ensure compliance with organizational and external policies. Centralized management of organizational policies and governance of those policies across DevOps processes allow enterprises to define standards used for the organization and be in compliance with regulations. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Getting GitOps buy-in
  • Evaluating current technology stack and identifying gaps (pain points)
  • Getting set-up for doing GitOps

Samarth Wadhwa, Sr. Product Manager, Harness
Samarth is a Sr. Product Manager at Harness. Prior to Harness, Samarth was a Technical Account Manager at Symantec. Samarth has held various sales and engineering roles at VMware and Angie’s List helping Enterprise clients build the next generation of EMM and DevOps. Samarth enjoys trying new cuisines,  landscape photography, and traveling to different countries.

Anshul, Principal Software Engineer, Harness
Anshul is a Principal Software Engineer at Harness. Prior to Harness, Anshul has worked at firms such as Springpath (now Cisco), Amazon, and Samsung. Over the course of time, Anshul has worked on Storage Systems, Payment Systems, and Android browsers. He currently works on the GitOps & Kubernetes initiatives focusing on engineering efficiency problems at Harness and with the broader community alike.


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