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An Introduction to Presto, the Open Source Distributed SQL Query Engine for the Data Lake

Date: Dec 1, 202110:00AM PST (UTC-8)

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar
Sponsored by Ahana

Presto is a widely adopted distributed SQL engine for data lake analytics. With Presto, you can perform SQL-based analytics on data lakes and lake houses in both structured and unstructured data formats, which helps solve challenges around time to discover and to run analytics. 

Join us for this webinar where we’ll introduce the Presto technology and share why it’s becoming so popular – in fact, companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Alibaba and many more use Presto for interactive queries, reporting & dashboarding, and data lake analytics. We’ll also show a quick demo on how easy it is to get started with Presto in the cloud – in a few minutes you can deploy Presto, add your data sources, and run SQL queries on your data.

Finally, we’ll share some performance benchmarking results of Presto on Intel powered AWS instances, and how you can run your own benchmarks on Presto.

We’ll cover:

  • An introduction to Presto
  • Demo on how you can get up and running with Presto in the cloud
  • How Presto performs on Intel-powered AWS instances and how to benchmark Presto

Ram Upendra, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Ahana
Ram Upendra is Technical Product Marketing Manager at Ahana, the Presto company. He has over 20 years of experience in database and storage technology both as Product Marketer and developer. Ram has deep expertise in performance benchmarking for various database and storage solutions.


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