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Best Practices to Getting Your Patches Accepted

Date: Dec 2, 202010:30AM PST (UTC-8) LF Live Mentorship Series Download Slides

Join Linux Kernel Maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman to learn Best Practices to Getting Your Patches Accepted.

As the Linux kernel maintainer for the -stable branch, the staging subsystem, USB, driver core, debugfs, kref, kobject, and the sysfs kernel subsystems, Userspace I/O (with Hans J. Koch), and TTY layer, and creator of linux-hotplug, the udev project, and the Linux Driver Project, Greg is well-positioned to help set you up for success in getting patches accepted.

The session will begin with an overview by Greg Kroah-Hartman (45 minutes) and will be followed by Q&A – an opportunity to both ask Greg questions and for group discussion (45 minutes).