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Building and Maintaining Your Own Secure Container OS

Date: May 13, 20219:00AM PDT (UTC-7) Containers & Virtualization

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Bottlerocket is a free and open-source Linux-based operating system meant for hosting containers. Bottlerocket focuses on security and maintainability, providing a reliable, consistent, and safe platform for container-based workloads. The Bottlerocket project is also a set of tools for building your own custom container OS, that includes its own Rust-based build system, and tools for building and maintaining your own TUF-based update stream. Our goal is to make it easier for container administrators to build and maintain secure container hosts.

This talk will walk attendees through the Bottlerocket build process, and provide some key use cases for customization: how to add new configuration options; how to add new packages; how to configure your own update repositories; how to add security policy; and other common customizations.

Curtis Rissi, Principal Partner SA – Containers, AWS
Curtis specializes in helping customers and AWS Partners adopt modern app development practices through containers. He prides himself on his ability to simplify and resolve frequent pain-points, helping customers become more agile and capable with implementing containerized workloads.

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