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Log4Shell Live Hack: A Hands-on, Actionable Fix Guide

Date: Feb 16, 20229:00AM PST (UTC-8) Compliance & Security

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar
Sponsored by Snyk

With this live hack webinar on the Log4Shell exploit we give a brief overview of the vulnerability and dive right into some examples of the exploit in action. We then show several real-world remediation approaches as well as other fixes outside of code.

We feature a final round of fun demos, including container and IaC hacks and Java-based game hacks. We wrap up with a great list of takeaway resources and answer your questions.


Micah Silverman, Director of Developer Education, Snyk
Micah is Snyk’s Director, Developer Education. With 26 years of Java Experience (yup, that’s from the beginning) and 20 years as a security professional Micah’s authored numerous articles, co-authored a Java EE book, and spoken at many conferences. He’s a maker, who’s built full-size MAME arcade cabinets and repaired old electronic games. He brings his love of all things security and Java to a conference near you!

Eric Smalling, Senior Developer Advocate, Snyk
Eric is a 30+ year enterprise software developer, architect, and consultant with a focus on CI/CD, DevOps, and container-based solutions over the last decade. He is certified in Kubernetes (CKA and CKAD with CKS coming soon) and has been a Docker user since 2013. As a Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk, Eric helps developers implement proactive and scalable security practices with a focus on container and cloud-native technologies.

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