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Monitoring the Mixed Bag, from Metal to Mesh – covering Hybrid IT Estates

Date: May 27, 202110:00AM PDT (UTC-7) Cloud

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Getting to AIO – achieving coverage across varied types of technology, from legacy to new environments.

Many firms are moving to clouds and containers for scalability, reliability, and to save cost on short lived workloads. But what about the legacy elements of a large IT Estate? Firms need to know how to cover both the new, dynamic environments and the older more conventional estates. More importantly, how can we get visibility of both, together, in one place? 

Join Jon and Gabriel who will discuss:

  • The modern IT Estate
  • How to truly support an enterprise  
  • Various bands of data collection needed, as well as what tooling to use
  • How to shift thinking out of a siloed view and into an AIO mindset, methodologies to get it all in one place. 

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Jon Wageman, Solutions Architect, ITRS Group
As a Solutions Architect at ITRS Group, Jon gets the opportunity to introduce organizations to ITRS Group’s suite of monitoring and capacity planning software. He loves being able to both work directly with customers and still be hands-on with technology. Before joining ITRS in 2020, he gained experience working within the payments and financial services industries. Outside of work, Jon’s favorite activity is embracing his children’s interest in coding and robotics to build awesome things together.

Gabriel Clandorf, Solutions Architect, ITRS Group
Once upon a time Gabe worked as a consultant, designing solutions and monitoring installations for large estates. In recent history, as a solutions architect, he still gets to diagram and design out ideas to help operations teams reach good outcomes and peace of mind. In addition, as the lead sales engineer for the Americas he educates firms about the types of techniques needed for comprehensive visibility, integrations and workflows for successfully running support, and how to breed a culture of monitoring. In his spare time Gabe is an avid spikeball player.


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