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Writing Linux Kernel Modules in Rust

Date: Jul 13, 202211:30 AM PDT (UTC-7) LF Live Mentorship Series Register

Join us for Writing Linux Kernel Modules in Rust, with Wedson Almeida Filho, Software Engineer, Google.

This session will be a hands-on walkthrough of how to write a module for the Linux kernel using the Rust language.

We’ll begin with an empty file and will methodically add functionality similar to that of the scull driver from the Linux Device Drivers book. At each step, we will run a test VM to show how the module behaves. We will also discuss how the Rust code compares to a C version, and highlight how it improves productivity and security, for example, by preventing mistakes at compile time.

Getting ready for the webinar:

Viewers are welcome and encouraged to follow along and replicate the steps using their own workstations. A qemu virtual machine image with the environment set up can be downloaded here. Please download before the webinar begins.

No prerequisite Rust knowledge is needed to follow the session.